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ProRido Car rental is a place where talent meets opportunity Are you a budding entrepreneur who is looking for the best platform to showcase your talents? Then the answer to all your questions is ProRido. Let’s have a closer look at why ProRido can be your destination workplace. ProRido is a corporate chauffeur-driven car rental service provider in Bangalore & across PAN-India with revolutionary technology platform. We are revolutionizing the car rental space through complete transparency, real-time tracking, best-in-class safety & security standards. Our focus is towards providing comfortable, clean & professional service using multi-dimensional integrated application, continuous improvement (CI) & paperless approach. Our multi-dimensional integrated app/portal (driver, employee, transport supervisor & fleet-in-charge) provides 100% transparency & cutting-edge safety & security standards ensuring on-time service, reliability & integrity.


The services were started in Bangalore & Delhi NCR followed by other metros viz. Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune & Kolkata. ProRido .

We are the best in rest of the car rental service provider.

prorido services

Prorido helps you to focus on your core product, which is not passenger road transportation, so that you can create value for your consumers and let us create value for you. We have experts who will be the single point of contact for t

he coordination of all your passenger road transportation needs. ProRido provides the following problem solution.

We are Game changers, we need Game changers

ProRido is assisted by an excellent team of individuals which has helped the company become what it is today. It has gained an enormous amount of attraction and a wide range of acceptance just within one year of its functioning. We want more people to join us to help us reach the goal that we have seen for this company for the coming years. This can be made possible with the help of young and creative minds joining us with a motive of making this company the best in its field.

What makes us DIFFERENT from the rest?

prorido difference

Be the Part and Make the SWITCH

We are flexible

Why join us? We at ProRido work in a very friendly environment. We believe in working as a team along with each and every individual’s consent. We are open to any suggestions provided by the members of this organization. We hire you for the role that you are best at. We see the potential in each and every individual and help them grow as a person. Each of the individual’s ideas is taken into consideration. The company focusses on showcasing young talents and making the best use of their ability.

Complete transparency and support system for budding entrepreneurs

We at ProRido encourage complete transparency and do not entertain favoritism. Be the best at what you do and success will follow you. We provide all the support and guidance of our budding entrepreneurs and help them achieve their dreams. We at ProRido understand that each individual is different and each of them is blessed with their own unique talents. We help them realize what they will be good at and thus support them in reaching those goals.

Great advisory board, more excellent team, the greatest experience

Our key advisor is Mr. Sivaramakrishnan KV who has more than 20 years of experience and was among the pioneer member of Savaari Car Rentals. He is supporting us with the market trends, strategic and tactical approach to sales and technology. We also have Mr. Jasbir Dhanoa who has more than 25 years of experience in Car Rental Management. He is the MD and CEO of ASEAN Travels. Having guided and assisted by such a strong advisory team ProRido is bound to make wonders in the near future. Every single individual working here will get a hands-on experience of the in and out whereabouts of the company.

We are not just a company, We are ProRido

We at ProRido provide our employees with the most friendly and comfortable atmosphere to work with. Here we consider all our employee’s inputs and try our best to put it into action. All the views of our employees starting from a fresher to the most senior person will be given the due respect deserved.

So for all these right reasons, why not –



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