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When cars go completely driverless, the benefit will be enormous. A huge number of elderly and disabled people could regain their personal mobility. The young will not have to pay crippling motor insurance, because their reckless hands and feel will no longer touch the wheel or the accelerator. Driverless cars also ease congestion and save fuel.

driverless cars-safety and security

The cars and cooperate cars future is in driverless cars because they are more safer than human being as machine brakes faster then Human and they don’t sleep or tired they are just got better and better with time.

Two companies which are well known for their driverless cars and most of their driverless cars advancements are Google and Tesla. Google is using Lidar (a radar-like technology that uses light instead of radio waves) sensor technology. While Tesla has rolled out a software system called Autopilot, which employs high-tech camera sensors as a car’s “eyes,” to some of its cars.

driverless cars-safety and security- tesla

Humans made cars to go 60 miles per hour but because of their reaction time and reckless driving the road is congested over time which results traffic . As per survey avg car miles per hour is 12 .
Car which have potential of 100 miles per hour reaches to 12 miles per hour because of traffic because of reaction time of driver . 81 % car accident cause by human error how big is that. The only future for us is to adapt and promote technology for safer and secure trips.

driverless cars-safety and security-google

Including Tesla and Google. We at  PRORIDO  focus on safety of passenger and  developing and evolving new technology to create better future .

Google take a leap ,as in 2018 i/o they present AI which communicate with other person with ease without other person knowing that they are talking with a robot . Google is developing this software which based on algorithm and help AI to understand human, So that they can provide this software to cars and we just wait for handful of years to become a reality.

Autonomous cars use a variety of techniques to detect their surroundings, such as radar, laser light, GPS, odometry and computer vision through IMU (inertial measurement unit sensor) which helps to pin point location of car . Advanced control systems interpret sensory information to identify appropriate navigation paths, as well as obstacles and relevant signage.

The future is autonomous cars , back in 90’s people hesitate to take lift and now a country like population are above ground in flights
And the chilling fact is that the plane are autonomous when it reaches to a height and it’s far safer n better than in hands of pilot.

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