Traveling and working: How to stay productive outside the office

Business travel is a great way to do new business. With the facilities of remote work, many professionals often travel constantly to visit clients, hold meetings, prospect new partners, or participate in training, courses, and specializations.

Changing environments and the possibility of setbacks on the way can harm the productivity of employees who need to travel and carry out their activities outside the company.

So that this doesn’t happen, I’ve separated some essential tips for those who are going to travel and want to stay productive in this time spent away from the office.

Hire a corporate transport service
The first point to consider is having a good corporate transport service.

With it, you can save time and costs by optimizing services, and scheduling appointments and can count on support and security in case of unforeseen events.

Buy good travel insurance
Travel insurance can be the solution to protect those who travel in numerous ways. Although many understand travel insurance as a temporary health plan, the truth is that this service has an even greater possibility of acting.

In addition to covering possible medical expenses, it is usually also valid for other situations related to travel, such as missing a flight or damage to the luggage.

When it comes to corporate travel insurance, there are specific coverages that can be added.

It would be the case of sending a substitute executive – if the first one is unable to fulfill the agenda –, and of equipment insurance – valid for damage, theft or theft of a notebook, for example.

In general, travel insurance usually offers coverage for the following situations:

Medical, hospital, pharmaceutical and dental expenses;
Reimbursement of travel expenses in case of interruption or cancellation;
Assistance for flight delay, missed connection and lost luggage;
Accidental death during travel and transfer of the body;
Total or partial permanent disability due to travel accident.
ProRido has exclusive content about travel insurance here on the blog.

Focus on travel goals
A business trip has specific objectives for each context. In this way, when planning your trip, make a list of primary and secondary objectives, set goals and set up a schedule with commitments for each day.

It is also important to list the priorities, expected travel time, people involved and the times of each appointment.

By putting this planning on paper, it will be easier to understand than to give up in case of unforeseen events or to visualize bottlenecks.

Plan your move in advance
Unforeseen events happen, especially in large urban centers. If you’re traveling to places you’ve never been, analyze the area before you even book your hotel.

Trace routes with map apps to check the distance between appointments, the hotel you will be staying at and transport locations, such as taxi ranks and airports, for example. Thus, you save time and avoid mismatches.

Make time for leisure
It is important to find time for leisure and rest between work commitments. This is called “bleisure”, a travel concept that combines work and leisure, which can further increase your productivity and reduce costs for your company.

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