Digitally revolutionizing the car rental space across India

Do you hesitate while getting into a cab after late working hours? Do you worry about the stranger who would be accompanying you? The Revolutionizing ProRido – Car Rental services can help you get over your fears. Here’s how that can be made possible.
Within a year since its functioning ProRido has managed to gain a lot of traction and tie up with some of the biggest corporate companies without compromising on the quality of service. ProRido – Car Rental services work on a unique Patented Application designed for Drivers, Employees, Transport Supervisors and Fleet Managers. ProRido – Car Rental services are only one of the best in the market which provides such an amazing class and comfortable services in the industry.

Revolutionizing In Built Security features:

You know why you might want to switch over? It’s the features that their App includes which nobody else would provide. You will feel more secure and protected with ProRido.

ProRido Car Rental provides offerings with different features like:

geofencing-ProRido, car rental, Revolutionizing, digital, safety and security

Geo-Fencing:  To ensure the vehicle movement happens within the given city or specific areas only as required. The path can be specifically limited to your home and workplace.”ProRido we are looking forward to your path to serve you better and secure”

Remote Immobilizer: This feature will temporarily freeze the car engine in case any unexpected activity is reported to stop further vehicle movement. The most important feature why any girl would want to choose them. .”ProRido your safety is our first choice”

Global Positioning Systems: This feature helps to locate the vehicle movement on the map.

gps-ProRido, car rental, Revolutionizing, digital, safety and securitySOS Panic Buttons: This feature includes a panic button which ensures complete safety and security especially for the women employees. With all the security problems in the country, they are always monitoring. In addition to this, they do a Mandatory Background verification process for all the drivers wherein identity, address & reference verification is done by default with criminal & experience checks on client request.

They are paperless, They are digital:

Rosters are extended for more than a month in most of the companies. And there is so much printing and paperwork done. But at ProRido, they manage all their payments and billings through corporate logins where you can view your previous invoices ensuring complete transparency. You can monitor your previous logins and hence there is no scope for fudging of bills as well.  They have tie-ups with 32 banks.  All the work is done digitally and all the transactions are done in a digital mode transforming into a digital era.

ProRido is Personalized:

ProRido caters to the needs of their customers. They do not differentiate between a big corporate or a small startup and provide the best competitive rates with respect to the volume of requirements. Any additional requirements or help to any of the customers will be entertained by their 24/7/365 days available help desk and strong team. The burden that companies go through is reduced as everything is personalized and taken care by their exclusively functioning team.

ProRido is reliable:

ProRido is available for its customers 24/7/ 365 days in a year. They understand that your time is precious and hence ensure timely delivery. They provide automated dispatching and work on a garage to garage basis helping you reduce costs. Their rates are the best in the market.

Also, their drivers are trained well and have a thorough knowledge of the App and the surroundings. They do real-time tracking and always monitor your whereabouts. They are just one click away for all your car rental services. Prorido provides Pan India Presence with well-maintained car fleet. They are available on social media platforms and you can contact them on their hotline number as well.

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