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We are Premium Corporate car rental- luxury Outstation Cab Services Provider

Do you own a cab or car rental business or a large number of vehicles that can help you gain the high level of Profits? Well, then Prorido is a place that will help you increase your business. Prorido provide Premium ,Corporate , car rental, luxury, Outstation ,Cab Services for the various Top MNCs to there employees . Cab business has become the most profitable business in a city that has a number of corporate companies in Bangalore  or software companies. As software companies provide their employee’s transport facilities and cars come as the most appropriate vehicle. We do a thorough background check of our vendors and make sure that they are not involved in any criminal activities and make sure things good as per the safety and security. We also provide other services like airport transfers, outstations and spot rentals which opens up a lot of opportunities for our vendors. Our drivers will have to be well dressed and mannered, and should have a pleasing personality.

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prorido, car rentals, commercial, corporateSubmit copies of the following documents and be a part of our company

  • RC Book
  • Car Fitness Certificate
  • T-permit
  • Tax receipt
  • Driver’s TR license
  • Driver’s residence and ID proof

 Automated dispatching reducing the load on vendors

The dispatching of the closest taxi to a customer helps improve customer service, cut costs and reduce driving time. With vehicle dispatching, clients are matched to vehicles and connected depending on the proximity of the vehicle to each client’s pick-up location. We respect our vendors and understand their difficulties. Also, we value our vendors and make sure we give them a good business. We quote a price that is feasible to both the company as well as our vendors. We try to strike a balance between satisfying both our customers as well as our vendors. Each of the requirements stated by the client is clearly mentioned and a detailed report is presented to the vendor. Payment is taken care of by the company and the billing is done on time. You provide us with service with the best functioning cab at the best quotes, the deal will be yours.

best of our services- ProRido

best of our services- ProRido

 YOU PROVIDE US WITH CARS, WE PROVIDE YOU WITH BUSINESS-prorido, car rentals, commercial, corporate

ProRido provides chauffeur driven car rental services for the corporate. So we require well-maintained cars and well-mannered drivers. Since we deal only with the corporate car rental services, our vendors will have a huge demand with the right service which increases their profits.  We do garage to garage, meaning the vendor attached to the closest garage will be asked to dispatch which in turn will prove to be cost effective and time efficient for our vendors. With good quality of services, our vendors will be trusted with our most efficient clients which further increases their monthly turnovers. We will provide our vendors with all the required paperwork digitally which eliminates the unnecessary travel to the head office. As we deal only with the corporate the mode and time of payment will be discussed beforehand giving a clear idea to our vendors helping them manage their funds efficiently. The vendors attached to us will not have to go through the grueling procedures of talking to the customers. ProRido helps you face all the difficulties you encounter and all we expect back is a timely and quality service.

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