ProRido- Complete guide to multi-dimensional application

This is the Complete guide to the ProRido- Car Rental multi-dimensional application as ProRido- Car Rental has a multi-dimensional patented app for each party ensuring full transparency for all its customers. The App is designed exclusively for the driver, employee, transport supervisor & fleet-in-charge so that they can function by coordinating with each other. This App is mainly designed by keeping in mind the customer’s security with the help of which continuous monitoring of the vehicle is done. The app includes all the basic to advanced features as per the security and safety compared to other service providers Prorido- Car Rental services are the best class and comfortable option for any corporate, outstation, or airport transfer.

What makes the Prorido- Car Rental App unique and different from others?

There was a lot of thought process and effort put in while designing this App. The App helps reach accurate location as the device uses the smartphone’s location of the customer. The App shows all the possible routes that can be taken in order to reach your destination within the shortest period of time. At the same time, it ensures that you are headed in the right direction towards your destination. In addition to all of this, it includes unique features like GF, RI and SOS panic buttons. You can also leave behind a customer feedback telling us how your experience with ProRido was.

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  • Full payment support and instant billing 

Prorido- Car Rental is a tech-based company, as in we have our own app. So this eliminates the grueling paperwork. The mode of payment for a car rental cannot be made much easier and instant. We have a multidimensional app providing a lot of transparency for the business. The app provides us with all the information required leaving less to our imagination.

  • On-demand booking with the wide range of fleet

We provide instant delivery for all your demands by taking into account each of your specific requirements. We provide a wide range of fleets for you to choose from which includes Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, Luxury as well as buses.

  • Complete info on driver

We store complete information of the driver in our database. We do a thorough background verification of each of the individual drivers and check if they are subjected to any illegal or criminal activities. Thus we ensure complete safety and security. Further, we provide complete information about the driver to the customer onboard.

  •  OTP for booking

By using a one-time password for bookings, we can provide the most secure form of transportation leaving no space for insecurities running behind people’s mind.

  • Masking User details from drivers

We are highly secure and safe as we ensure masking user details from drivers. We here at Prorido Car Rental value our customer’s information, so we keep it as a first and foremost priority to safeguard the information trusted to us.

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  • RI, GF, SOS

Remote Immobilizer (RI), Geo-Fencing (GF), SOS Panic Buttons are the unique features of this App. They ensure complete safety and security of the customer, especially for the female employees.

REMOTE IMMOBILIZATION (RI) This feature proves to be very efficient to remotely get the vehicle to halt if any suspicious activity is detected.

GEO-FENCING (GF) This feature helps us monitor the car at all times. If the car is being diverted from its dedicated path we will be immediately alerted and the necessary actions will be executed accordingly.

SOS PANIC BUTTON This feature proves to be an asset for the ladies. In case of emergency, they can hit the SOS button and we will be notified immediately and necessary actions will be initiated immediately.

All of the features were formulated keeping in mind the customers perspective and his/her point of view. That is also one of the reasons for us to provide timely delivery and highly maintained industrial standards as well as quality service.

  • Real-time tracking

We are always monitoring your journey from the time you enter our vehicle to the point you are dropped to your respective location. During this period of your journey we consider you to be our responsibility and hence we strive at providing the best service keeping in mind your safety and security.

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