3 Advantages of Using a One Stop Shop on Corporate Travel

Ever heard of One Stop Shop? Although the term is little known, it is a trend capable of simplifying travel and mobility management for companies.

The term emerged in 1920 in the United States, but only in recent years has it gained prominence in the travel market. If before each traveler needed to collect applications on their smartphone, at a One Stop Shop different services are available on just one single platform.

If you want to better understand how your company can benefit from a One Stop Shop, keep reading our article to discover three great advantages!

What is a One Stop Shop?

One Stop Shop, also known as One Stop Market, is a shopping environment where consumers can search for different products and services from different suppliers in one place.

Its translation into Portuguese means something like “one-stop shop”, in free translation. So basically, it would be like imagining a big store where you can buy everything you need in one place.

In fact, this One Stop Shop idea was what gave rise to the concept of convenience stores, and gas stations. However, due to the popularization of online shopping platforms, both for goods and for contracting services, the term became more popular to describe software, websites, and digital platforms.

What is the difference between One Stop Shop and Marketplace?

The term marketplace is much better known and used, especially by large e-commerce companies, such as Magazine Luiza and Amazon.

Imagine that you want to open a store that sells all kinds of products related to decoration, however, you do not have these products to sell, neither as your own manufacturer nor do you have a relationship with suppliers to do so.

Thus, you start renting spaces in your store to other companies that have those products that you lack. The company that is renting its space is responsible for warranty, delivery, and payment of the products, but the store still needs to maintain its reputation, therefore, it establishes criteria for these space rental companies to offer quality products and respect their consumers.

On the other hand, the company that rents the space benefits from the physical structure, the good reputation, in addition to the frequent clientele of the main store. Very similar to the concept of a shopping mall, where you go to a single physical place, but have access to several stores.

Generally speaking, this is how a marketplace works. The point is that there are several types of the marketplace and one of them is One Stop Shop.

How can corporate travel benefit from this type of platform?

Those who travel for the company know that they always need to clean their smartphone to fit so many apps: urban transport, airfare, hotel, food, corporate reimbursement…

Now, imagine being able to plan, book, and pay for all stages of a trip through a single platform. Thanks to technology, this is now possible.

To help you understand this concept even better, we have listed three advantages that your company would have when hiring a One Stop Shop platform for corporate travel.

Easy research and price comparison

With a One Stop Shop platform, looking for travel services is much simpler, after all, you won’t have to search on different platforms, websites, and apps and only then understand which is the best option.

On One Stop Shop platforms, searches take place on a single screen, so you can compare prices much easier and faster. This review step is very important to ensure you are choosing the best price possible.

Less time spent planning the trip

Because of the ease of searching for travel services and comparing prices on a single screen, it’s obvious that you’ll spend much less time planning your trip, being able to focus on other activities during the day.

The throughput of staff dealing with hotel reservations and airline ticket purchases can be reduced by almost half, allowing them to work longer on business opportunities rather than operational tasks.

More savings and less bureaucracy

If we are talking about concentrating purchases in one place, it also means that we are paying for all services on a single platform. That way, you won’t have to deal with so many different suppliers to negotiate payment methods and dates.

Besides, by centralizing expense management, you also increase visibility and facilitate better budget control, generating savings for the company.

What are the best options in the One Stop Shop market for corporate travel?

There are different technologies in the corporate travel market that can facilitate company travel and mobility management, however, none is as complete as ProRido. It is the first platform in the country that centralizes all transport and corporate travel services on a single platform.

“ We know this market well and for some time now we have encountered a pain regarding the full integration of the corporate traveler journey. To solve this problem, we added air tickets, hotels and food to urban mobility at ProRido. Thus, the employee who needs to travel can book and pay for their entire itinerary within our app ”, says the CHO and one of the company’s founders, Jyoti Bansal.

According to her, it is possible to plan a complete trip, in the palm of your hands, between Avenida Paulista and Times Square, for example. “ Mapping the journey from end to end, with digital operation and management, allows for more efficiency and a consequent reduction in company expenses with these displacements ”, highlights Brandão.

For this, they have several partners integrated into the platform such as transport, food and travel applications. Among them are all national and international airlines, the main accommodation providers, in addition to the largest urban mobility players already known by companies that use ProRido’s solution for transport management — Uber, 99, Wappa, Cabify and more. local taxi and executive transport partners.

The CHO also points out that ProRido’s proposal is to help companies manage their mobility costs in an optimized, fully digitized and mobile way, in addition to improving the experience of employees. “ Behind all the ease for the employee, there is a robust app center in which the customer manages their suppliers with transparency. It is also possible for the company to compare corporate rates with market opportunities for air travel, accommodation and ground transportation ”, says Jyoti.

We hope it has now become easier to understand what a One Stop Shop is! If you’re curious and want to know more about ProRido, Call Now! +91 9108670001

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