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When we talk about corporate travel, the administrative routines that most come to mind are those related to payments. This is because, even in the face of so many technological innovations in this sector, such as payment apps, PIX, and virtual wallets, refunds and financial routines involved in travel management are usually the most bureaucratic.

If the company does not use a centralized platform for its management, its vision becomes fragmented, which makes it difficult to identify bottlenecks that could be avoided. Of course, this results in more expenses and less productivity, due to the high workload that archaic management generates for its employees.

ProRido, one of the largest India travel techs today, has brought to the market a solution whose main objective is to simplify these routines, unifying in a single interface and platform everything that the company needs to visualize in its corporate travel routine.

In addition to increasing employee visibility, so that they can always select the best option (in terms of cost, time, or service category) for each travel need, ProRido also offers unique management intelligence.

“It is not necessary to work with individual accesses, configuring and updating separate employee bases in each mobility player. At ProRido, every data interaction made in our system is automatically replicated to the final transport providers”, comments Jyoti Bansal, CHO at ProRido.

Companies can, through ProRido‘s data intelligence, manage their mobility policies and spend efficiently, in what we like to call an intelligent ecosystemIt is possible to configure, in a single access, all the definitions of travel policies, such as: who can use transport, which mode is available to whom, at what times certain employees can use transport by the company, and even limits on values ​​or number of trips per professional, in a given period, etc.

“ProRido’s budget management is highly efficient. If the company worked with two or three mobility apps, before, budget management was not safe. It was impossible to set spending limits on two or more different platforms. With ProRido, this lock is general and works to delimit the employee’s transportation cost, regardless of which player he requests a trip to” , completes Jordana.

In addition, the solution allows companies to connect their own back-office systems, known as ERPs, which reduces friction and facilitates the optimization of the company’s existing processes in the implementation phase.

With accurate and up-to-date information via integration, ProRido also allows companies to configure payment methods specific to their needs“Many companies take advantage of our own payment gateway. ProRido also works as a fintech and delivers, in addition to the entire scope of technology management, visibility guaranteed through high-impact financial management ”, concludes Jordana.

Success Case: Pepsico saved more than 40% in employee transport

Ana Lectícia Soares, facilities manager at Pepsico, joined the company with the challenge of leading the area, at the company’s central office. The biggest difficulty that Lectícia faced in her area was the decentralized management that generated little visibility in numbers referring to expenses, reimbursements and payment routines for corporate trips. Lectícia says that she was looking for a solution that could offer a BI, that offered complete management reports and that it was possible to measure the satisfaction of travelers.

Pepsico’s biggest challenge was to be present throughout the country, in several locations, and some services previously contracted did not serve all the places that needed to send employees.

After hiring ProRido, Lectícia reveals that she had an expectation of reducing costs by 20%, but they were surprised by a 38% reduction compared to previous years. This record was soon surpassed, reaching 43% savings. 

Success Case: Estácio reduces the value of the average travel ticket by almost 30% after hiring ProRido

Estácio, one of the country’s leaders in higher education, has a consolidated history of more than five decades and 500,000 students. In face-to-face teaching, it has centers in 23 states and the Federal District, with more than 90 units.

The implementation of ProRido has brought Estácio an economy of 27% in its average ticket, in addition to efficiency in its administrative and financial processes. ProRido helped Estácio reduce the number of administrative processes to less than 8 per month, in addition to the successes in economy, capillarity and traveler experience!

About ProRido

Aiming to revolutionize the mobility management and corporate travel market, ProRido, founded in 2016 in Bengaluru, India develops technology and tools to simplify processes, optimize costs and facilitate corporate mobility and travel management for companies  of all sizes. and segments. Currently, the startup facilitates business travel planning for more than 200 clients. Call Now! +91 9108670001

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