Why should your corporate travel solution be mobile-first?

The use of a mobile app is essential to accelerate a digital transformation strategy. According to the results of the survey on the Use of IT in India 2021, carried out by FGV, a total of 842 million smartphones are estimated to be in use in India. That is more than one cell phone per India.

For FGV professors, this result proves the strength of the digital transformation process that companies and society are going through. Just look at the side and realize that technology is part of our lives and has changed the way we work, play, and meet basic needs.

To increase the efficiency of a company’s processes, all points involving the work routine need to be constantly optimized — including those that correspond to employee mobility. That’s why having a mobile-first corporate travel management system is so important.

In this article, we present the main features that make its use fundamental for both companies and their employees today. Keep reading!

What is the difference between management in mobile and desktop systems?

Although the use of software developed solely for computers was predominant in companies years ago, today the reality is different. According to a study by SimilarWebthe number of hits via mobile increased by 30.6% last year, while desktop dropped by 3.3%.

This variation reflects a continued growth trend in the use of mobile devices. Accompanying a change in behavior, of people being in constant movement and preferring external activities without leaving being connected, the appreciation for apps has no date to cease to exist.

Another feature that reduces the practicality of systems used only in computers is precisely the fact that the user needs a PC or notebook to access it. In some cases, the program is even installed on one machine, making it even more restricted.

More recently, SaaS ( software as a service ) has taken over the digital world and has become increasingly present, both in the private and corporate spheres. No installation is required, these platforms are cloud-based — hosted in the cloud — and allow access from different devices.

And, when we talk about mobility, not depending on hardware (physical equipment) to access and use a system is a premise.

Experience with mobile systems is better

A highlight of software developed for mobile is its ease. As a rule, its design is usually simpler, making its usability more intuitive and, thus, making the experience better.

Imagine if you needed to download a program, to install it on your computer, so you could hail a cab or order a pizza on a Friday night?

The form of the order follows the simplicity and urgency of the demand. This means that if to make a simple request like the one in the example, the process cannot take more than a few seconds, the same goes for using the platform that allows this action.

Thinking about slightly more complex needs — such as moving around or traveling for work — mobile apps have (a lot) their turn.

Given how often we hyperconnected humans are increasingly used to using apps on our smartphones to solve all of our everyday problems, using them is a huge benefit — and, of course, convenience — when taking a  road trip to work.

While in the past it was necessary to get to the hotel and turn on the notebook to have access to the work tools, today everything can be done, literally, in the palm. And whenever you need it. The apps work 24 hours a day, without interruptions, and in a much simpler and safer way.

This includes services such as booking a hotel or requesting a taxi or uber transport from the airport or bus station to the destination. ProRido is a  system that unites these two fronts on a single platform — mobile, of course.

User traceability in corporate mobility management

Has it ever happened to you that you need to know where a member of the company is, but don’t know precisely the location?

Depending on the situation, this can make your management spiral out of control. Imagine, for example, manually monitoring the arrival of 100 company employees who need to travel to an out-of-town event.

In times of a  pandemic,  knowing where your employees are is essential. This can be valid not only in the case of external tasks but also to have a record of their locations if they are working from home.

Also, many of us, as mobile users, are used to checking in online on social media. Therefore, by offering this option to its employees, the company will bring a practice that they already have. Speaking of which…

Mobile management is present in the personal lives of employees

India has approximately 842 million smartphones in use, which corresponds to more than 1 device per inhabitant. That means your company members also use their cell phones to manage their personal lives.

Starting with social networks that are used for distraction, information, entertainment, and even work in some cases. As is the case with the Slack platform, which works as a corporate “Whatsapp”, enabling all company employees to communicate through a single application.

Furthermore, food apps have also become popular thanks to cell phones. After all, you don’t order a pizza using the computer, do you?

Therefore, companies must be aware of these digital transformations in people’s lives to make the means of work closer to them.

ProRido’s proposal is precisely to help companies manage their mobility costs in an optimized, fully digitalized, and mobile way, in addition to improving the experience of employees.

Behind all the ease for the employee, there is a robust app center in which the customer manages their suppliers with transparency. It is also possible for the company to compare corporate rates with market opportunities for air travel, accommodation, and ground transportation.

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