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Technology has become indispensable for the functioning of all sectors of the economy. Every year, new technological solutions are created to solve the most diverse problems.

The health crisis that we have been through in the last two years has accelerated this process even more: locked at home, we had to discover new technological tools to be able to work and get around.

It was in this scenario that new technological startups found fertile ground to be born, and large companies already consolidated grew even more. Uber, for example, a mobility giant, had revenue of $5.8 billion in the final three months of 2021.

Nubank, one of the most beloved fintechs among young consumers, earned US$ 1.7 billion that same year. These and other giants show us that, even in difficult times like the last three years, technological innovations do not stop appearing, and will be increasingly essential in everyone’s life.

As in all areas of the market, tourism was not left out of this technological boom. The sector was invaded by Travel Techs – companies focused on providing technological solutions for the travel sector – which had already been growing for a few years and became even stronger.

In this article, you will get to know in-depth the main characteristics of a Travel Tech and discover how it can be useful for your business.

But what is a Travel Tech anyway?

Travel Techs, as the term implies, are technology companies specialized in providing solutions to optimize all types of travel , whether for leisure or work.

They fall into a few different categories:

OTAs (Online Travel Agency)

The acronym OTA, in English Online Travel Agency, is an Online Travel Agency. They are websites specialized in selling travel products for common consumers, tourism and leisure. The main companies in the sector are Expedia, Decolar, and Booking.

Usually, they try to offer the traveler promotional prices and a list of options so that he can choose the establishment that suits him best.

They act as intermediaries between hotels and airlines and consumers, receiving a commission. They can book other products such as cars, packages, activities and also cruises.

OBTs (Online Booking Tools)

The OBT, or Online Booking Tool, is an online tool for managing corporate travel.

In this type of service, it is possible to manage various resources, from the purchase of tickets and reservations in accommodations to the tracking of travelers, or reports of different types.

TMCs (Travel Management Company)

A TMC is a corporate travel agency. Unlike OBTs, it is a service provided by people that, many times, may not be as agile or flexible as the automatic system.

Even so, there are benefits to both sides. TMCs guarantee a more complete experience and a personalized and humanized service to travelers and managers, while with OBTs, there is greater agility and practicality in the process with a self-booking service.

The role of Travel Techs in the corporate world

Travel Techs emerged, at first, mainly focused on the leisure travel market. It was only later that TMCs began to take hold, bringing technological innovations to the corporate world as well.

Corporate travel has always been a thorn in the side of many companies. The bureaucracy and slowness of the processes, the difficulty in organizing and counting dozens of receipts, and the last-minute unforeseen events, with tickets, hotels and transport were a reason for much dissatisfaction, both for travelers and for their managers.

Seeking to solve these problems and integrate all stages of the trip on a single platform, a new Travel Tech appeared on the market in 2017: ProRido.

ProRido’s start in the corporate travel market

Initially born with a focus only on urban mobility, the startup quickly incorporated TMC functions by acquiring BTM, a corporate travel agency, in May 2021.

Today, ProRido stands out for its complete and mobile-first technology for travel management and corporate mobility.

ProRido is evaluated positively by 97% of customers who, in addition to gaining in comfort, can reduce corporate travel expenses by more than 30%.

How can a Travel Tech like ProRido transform your travel management?


The ProRido app – which also has a web interface – is a travel and corporate mobility marketplace.

The platform integrates the entire employee journey outside the company, from booking to payment, in a fully mobile experience.

With the ProRido app, travelers can plan, buy, book and pay for all stages of their trip in virtually real-time, with just a few clicks.

All tools in one place

The solution integrates the largest mobility apps, taxi cooperatives and car rental companies for urban transport and car rental; airline tickets, with the main national and international companies; hosting, with large hotel e-commerce; in addition to food and reimbursement of KM for the use of own vehicles.

Humanized service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

In addition, users have humanized service, without robots, through chat, email and telephone.

In less than a minute, a ProRido specialist is ready to handle requests for offline scheduling, troubleshooting, VIP service, emergency and security support, and more.


All services are listed according to the customer’s geolocation, and the search results are always presented from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Thus, the choice is much more intuitive and practical, in addition to being economical.

Centralized management

The manager has 360º visibility from integrated and customizable dashboards, in addition to being able to approve orders in seconds through the app.

Your company can reduce travel costs by up to 30% by having an integrated solution that offers visibility and transparency at every step of the process.

Do you want to know all the features of the ProRido app and find out how we can help your business even more?

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