What is the corporate travel policy beacon?

Have you ever heard of the political lighthouse? It is a feature of the ProRido app that allows an intuitive and simple visualization of which services and travel options are available within or outside the company’s travel policy.

What is a corporate travel policy?

The corporate travel policy is a document that sets out the standards to be followed by company employees when traveling for work. In addition to standardizing the flow of purchases, realization, and accountability of trips, it is also an important reference for managing the performance indicators of these types of expenses.

In this way, the role of corporate travel policy is to guide each employee who needs to leave the office to perform a function in another city, state, or country, so that he/she follows certain standards for booking, purchasing, and using travel and mobility services.

It must bring all information regarding how to travel through the organization, for example:

  • who to look for to request the trip;
  • what platforms and systems are available to buy a trip;
  • what is the spending limit;
  • what are the rules that must be followed;
  • what means of contact are available for support before and during the trip;
  • what are the recommendations and best practices encouraged by the company during a trip;
  • what are the post-trip routines that the employee needs to comply with, among others?

This policy must be clear to all involved so that there is no room for doubts or misunderstandings. For example, if the information that certain travel costs are not included is unclear, employees may experience moments of embarrassment — or even violate a guideline.

Typically, travel policies are broadly divided into three main stages of the corporate traveler’s journey :

  • Before the trip: how to book your ticket, how to request your travel advance, how to analyze if the trip is really necessary.
  • During the trip: what is the ideal behavior within a hotel, how to organize yourself to move from the hotel to the address of your appointment, and what are the support channels available to the employee during a trip?
  • Upon return: how to account for travel expenses, how to prepare a travel report.

What is the policy beacon?

With sporadic corporate trips, an Excel spreadsheet and a notebook can be great allies to organize this routine. But when we talk about medium and large businesses, with hundreds and thousands of employees, guiding, tracking, and managing a high number of trips manually is impossible.

In addition to the large number of employees traveling (and many others waiting to start their next corporate trip), there are also the bureaucratic procedures of conference, integration, and analysis after the return of corporate travelers.

Because of this, ProRido has developed a feature in its application that facilitates the routine of the corporate traveler. With the ProRido app, each company can determine its travel policy according to its own needs and in a personalized way.

Thus, when searching for hotels, airline tickets, taxi rides, car rentals, etc., in each option available to the employee there is a visual sign: either in green or in red, according to the adherence to the company travel. The indices can reflect the rules in terms of price, advance, or aseveraldays.

The ProRido app allows different types of configurations so that your company’s travel policy is accessible to all employees who need to travel for work.

This tool allows you to enable purchase rules for all travel services. This means that it is possible to systematically set limits for spending on airline tickets, hotel rates, car rentals, etc.

In addition to the parameterization of your company’s travel rules, the ProRido app has the benefit of guiding the corporate traveler to the best travel practices.

In addition to smart flight and hotel search, these tools can indicate whether the traveler is opting for services that are within or outside of the company’s travel policy. As the corporate travel policy is updated, the travel management team may update it.

How does the policy beacon work in the ProRido app?

As we talked about, the policy beacon is a visual indicator that appears in search results for app users.

  • If the indicator appears in green, it means that the result is within the company’s travel policy.
  • If it appears in red, it means that option does not comply with the registered policy.

By clicking on the sign, green or red, the employee will have access to more information, explaining why that result is outside the policy. 

It is important to note that the policy beacon does not preclude a purchase. However, the responsible manager is notified when out-of-policy purchases are made and this data can be analyzed later from reports, also available in the ProRido app.

In addition, the employee will have to fill in a justification for this purchase, which is sent directly to his manager.

In this way, among several benefits of the ProRido app, the policy beacon brings:

  • More assertive communication, making it clear to the employee if their options are within the company’s travel policy.
  • More visibility to the manager, who can assess how many trips were made outside the travel policy and the justifications received.
  • Identification of potential bottlenecks in the policy that need to be updated.

Apart from that, by simplifying the journey before, during, and after the trip, the ProRido app ensures compliance with the company’s travel policy while facilitating usability. With a simple, self-explanatory interface and fluid interactions, the ProRido e app wins the hearts of corporate travelers, including the most demanding.

Still, have doubts? Watch this video!

Learn more about the ProRido app

The ProRido app – which also has a web interface –  is a travel and corporate mobility marketplace.

The platform integrates the entire employee journey outside the company, from booking to payment, in a fully mobile experience.

With the ProRido app, travelers can plan, buy, book, and pay for all stages of their trip in virtually real-time, with just a few clicks.

All tools in one place

The solution integrates the largest mobility apps, taxi cooperatives, and car rental companies for urban transport and car rental; airline tickets, with the main national and international companies; hosting, with large hotel e-commerce; in addition to food and reimbursement of KM  for the use of own vehicles.

Humanized service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

In addition, users have humanized service,  without robots, through chat, email, and telephone.

In less than a minute, a ProRido specialist is ready to handle requests for offline scheduling, troubleshooting, VIP service, emergency and security support, and more.


All services are listed according to the customer’s geolocation, and the search results are always presented from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Thus,  the choice is much more intuitive and practical, in addition to being economical.

centralized management

The manager has 360º visibility from integrated and customizable dashboards, in addition to being able to approve orders in seconds through the app.

Your company can reduce travel costs by up to 30%  by having an integrated solution that provides visibility and transparency at every step of the process.

Do you want to know all the features of the ProRido app and find out how we can help your business even more?

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