What is change management and how to implement it in your company? COVID 19

The coming of COVID-19 pandemic has made us all change our habits, both personally and professionally. For this reason, companies needed to carry out good management of change to adapt to the new times.

But it’s hard to change the status quo so suddenly and quickly, right? For that reason, we decided to produce this article to guide how companies can best embrace change. Come on?

Change management: what is it?

Change management refers to a process that involves changing needs or adaptations in a work environment.

Therefore, if you realize that the current management is not in the direction of what the organization needs to achieve, it is necessary to plan a change and prepare the employees who will have to adapt to it within a certain time.

For this reason, have good communication with your team and other departments in case the change falls under your responsibility. After all, as much as change is uncomfortable, the people involved need to be aware that it is for the best for everyone.

Change management success stories

To find out how efficient change management is, here are four examples of companies that have applied it and had positive results.

Magazine Luiza

At the beginning of 2016, Magazine Luiza was going through a bad moment due to the recession of the national economy in the retail sector. This made him invest in the integration of online and offline channels, which required changing the entire logistics of the company.

What can be seen today is that this risky strategy (at the time) is the reason for one of the greatest national strengths of trade.

Without the decision and action to change and innovate, Magalu, as it is known today, could not possibly have become the apple of the eye of the multichannel retail market.

Estácio de Sá

Last year, Universidade Estácio de Sá changed its brand name to YQUDS and brought an innovation to its management: the provision of services to other educational institutions, as well as online courses and the provision of pedagogical material.

The company is currently one of the most important names in education innovation in the world, standing out for its incredible ability to expand its value proposition through technology.

Who thought education could be a scalable business ten, twenty years ago? The choice to embrace change made this reality present to Estácio.


iFood increased the number of users from 1.5 million to 4 million in 2 years. According to Daniel Hoe, marketing director at Salesforce, this leap took place after iFood hired the tool based on a change in management focused on customer satisfaction and engagement.

One of the giants of delivery, the company is today a successful case of several initiatives. With business growing even during the pandemic, iFood works alongside change and promotes waves of innovation in the market.

Recently, the company was featured in a CNN International report, on a news program in the United States, announcing that soon we will all receive delicious meals requested by its app via drones.


How to implement this methodology in your company?

The great opportunity lies in remaining open to trends and innovation proposals that roam the market.

Countless initiatives aim to solve the everyday problems of companies and people, in their private lives.

Just because something is done the way it’s done doesn’t mean there’s no better way to achieve the same or a better result, do you think?

For change management to be carried out effectively in your company, here are four steps you should follow.

  1. Plan the change — which outlines everything that needs to change and why — as well as align it with the company’s goals.
  2. Raise what impacts the change will have on the company, which sectors will be the most affected, and the benefits they will have when the change is implemented.
  3. Establish clear communication with all members so that everyone understands why the change is being made and how they should adapt.
  4. If necessary, consider implementing a corporate onboarding so that employees can follow their work routines allied to the news brought by the change.

Change management and mobility: innovation and technology for the present and the future

As we could see, change management is directly linked to innovation actions within a company and technological solutions are essential for this to occur.

Corporate mobility, for example, has been changing more and more, especially because of the current scenario caused by the coronavirus.

Organizations needed to adapt in an agile way, learning to stay active through new tools and working methods.

Needs have been reorganized (health and safety have always been paramount, but now these aspects are vital for the functioning of any business) and, with that, new opportunities have opened up to accelerate this adaptation.

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