What are the trends for the future of mobility in India?

The 21st century is the scene of several transformations in the way we behave and deal with the world around us.

One of the most significant changes we went through was the search for sustainable raw materials. The industrial revolution started an accelerated process of environmental degradation, which culminated in a progressive increase in the planet’s temperature. 

Global warming forced us to change the way we produce if we wanted to avoid the destruction of the planet we live on, which could, in the long run, cause our extinction.

In this context, we found that one of the main causes of global warming is fossil fuels. The CO² levels emitted by diesel and gasoline are very high, which makes it necessary to search for less polluting substitutes.

In addition to finding alternative sources of energy, it is necessary to reform the road network in cities. The disorderly urban growth of the last decades has made the car the only alternative for many people, due to the precariousness of public transport.

It is in this scenario of the transformation of urban mobility that large corporations stand out in the search for innovative solutions.

Connection and sustainability as pillars of the mobility of the future

From May 16th to 20th, the Urban Mobility Summit 2022 took place online.

The event organized by Estadão had as its theme The Future of Mobility: Solutions and Perspectives, highlighting the importance of reconciling sustainability with technological connection in the automobile market.

During the Summit, several national and international companies spoke about their perspectives on the future of mobility, demonstrating their interest in developing actions to make the market more sustainable.

The matter has been debated on the international scene for a long time. Tesla, for example, led by billionaire Elon Musk, remains at the forefront of vehicle electrification, currently working on a battery life that exceeds 100 years .

All this movement is in accordance with the last UN conference on the subject – COP-26 – held at the end of last year in Glasgow, Scotland.

At the conference, India made a commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, reaching zero carbon emissions by 2050.

The hybrid system is a trend in India

During the event, one factor that stood out were the initiatives to change the energy matrix of automobiles in the country.

The trend is for electrification here to take place in a hybrid form, in combination with ethanol, a clean fuel that has gained great grip among drivers.

In addition to this change, the development of new technologies can make cars more than just transport vehicles, but also shopping, entertainment and leisure tools. 

Vehicles that were once mobile polluting machines, circulating with only one passenger, will soon be able to be used to optimize the lives of users.

An example of how technology optimizes the urban mobility sector is through transport applications. Companies like Uber and 99Táxi have re-signified the taxi market, creating new jobs and relieving public transport.

This change also extended to commuting for work. New technology companies have entered the market with the aim of making corporate travel easier by providing integrated air and ground transportation options.

ProRido App and how it is also transforming mobility in India

The ProRido app integrates the employee journey across all stages of the journey, from booking to payment, into a fully mobile experience (but also desktop-friendly).

The services are shown according to the customer’s geolocation, who can compare prices and benefits, with 24-hour service to answer questions and solve problems.

The manager monitors all transactions closely, from integrated and customizable dashboards, in addition to being able to approve orders in seconds through the app.

Your company can reduce travel costs by up to 30% through an integrated solution that offers visibility and transparency at all stages of the process.

Want to know in other ways the ProRido app can transform mobility in India?

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