Travel Techs and the outstanding traveler experience they offer

Technology is present in almost every function we perform daily. Whether at work, at play, or even at home, we are surrounded by technological tools everywhere.

The last decade has witnessed a technological advance never seen before. The development of the increasingly fast internet made it possible for it to no longer be restricted to computers and smartphones, but to be used in several other devices.

This dizzying increase in new uses for technology has also created a world of opportunities and demands for the market. So many different tools require new integrations and solutions to make life easier for the user.

It was in this scenario that the so-called Techs emerged – companies specialized in providing technological solutions for the user.

Fintechs, Agrotechs and Edtechs invaded the market, and even tourism, which until then had been modernizing at a slow pace, also entered this universe – Travel Techs emerged.

The role of Travel Techs in the modernization of tourism

Tourism, historically, has never been a sector known for major innovations or changes. Dominated by few airlines and traditional hotel chains, it has always been tied to a lot of bureaucracy and high costs.

But this scenario began to change with the arrival of large international companies in Brazil. Online travel agencies started to allow tourists to buy tickets and book hotels on the internet, without leaving home and without depending on the old agencies.

More recently, giants like Uber and Airbnb have completely changed the way people travel and stay in the country. Travelers now have all the convenience of staying in real houses and moving around the city quickly, at any time, taken by private drivers.

These new tools have transformed the experience of planning and taking a trip. By no longer depending on plastered packages from travel agencies, it became much easier to customize the trip in your own way, with less unnecessary expenses.

Travel Techs and the corporate world

Unbelievably, all this change that took place in the traditional tourism market did not extend to the corporate world. Business travelers still had to go to agencies, or email travel agents and wait long days to receive price quotes.

This delay extended to the company’s managers, who had to approve the budgets sent by agents, check dozens of receipts and account for various small expenses, which were often used as a subterfuge for fraud .

Not to mention all the stress caused to the employee, who had no predictability in their trip, and had to spend time that should have been dedicated to visiting customers or closing deals to solve accommodation and transport problems.

It was seeking to solve these issues that two different types of Travel Techs emerged: OBTs ( Online Booking Tools: online tools for managing corporate travel) and TMCs ( Travel Management Companies: a corporate travel agency), both specialized in facilitating business trips.

The emergence of these new solutions made it possible to integrate several travel tools into a single platform, which not only facilitated the monitoring and administration of managers but mainly improved the user experience.

A new corporate travel experience

Processes that were previously bureaucratic and complex were totally facilitated with the arrival of OBTs and TMCs. Now, the traveler has all the tools he needs on a single platform, to access wherever he is, whenever he needs it.

One of the main companies that emerged in this new format was ProRido. Combining the concepts of Travel Tech, ProRido emerged in the market as a 100% integrated, mobile-first solution, where travelers can solve all the stages of their trip in a single application on their smartphone.

Now, it is no longer necessary to spend days exchanging emails with travel agents and managers to quote packages, and accommodation and request transportation.

Employees can book their flights, rent a room on Airbnb, request in-app cars for land travel and even order their meals in the same app, in a simple and intuitive way in the palm of their hand.

Having all these functions centralized in a single place streamlines the stages of the trip, minimizing the risk of problems and allowing the employee to dedicate their energies to the real reason for the journey: meeting with customers or closing deals.

There are several advantages that the ProRido app brings to the user experience:

Intuitive navigability

The employee finds all the information he needs on the first screen of the application. The interface is 100% intuitive, with the main features, such as tickets, accommodation, and mobility highlighted in a carousel. Just click and book. 


It is possible to choose and request all stages of the trip autonomously, without having to resort to a travel agent or being limited by pre-defined packages. Each traveler chooses the options that best suit him.

Privacy and security

All requests and transactions made within the app are shared only with the responsible manager, without the need to involve multiple agents in the process.

The user also has an SOS button, in case of emergency, and will have their identity preserved in the event of any problem.

Humanized service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

The employee will be able to call support and be attended by real peoplewherever they are, at the time they need and by the way they prefer: chat, WhatsApp or phone.

One of ProRido’s main values ​​is humanized service, without robots at any stage, thus ensuring that the user has their problem resolved as quickly as possible, in a thoughtful and helpful way.

Adherence to the company’s mobility policy

The app can be customized according to the company’s mobility policy, thus allowing the user to use only the resources that are within the permitted limits.

This increases policy adherence and reduces the number of refunds, as the traveler knows in advance what they can and cannot use.

More satisfaction and time to dedicate yourself to what really matters

All these factors collaborate to increase (a lot!) employee satisfaction at the end of their trip, allowing them to dedicate more time to their commitments at the destination, instead of wasting it solving accommodation and transport problems.

Successful trips generate unforgettable experiences, which mark the professional’s experience in the company, increasing their personal and professional satisfaction, and making them stay longer in the position.

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