Evolution of the KM refund experience

Corporate travel has changed a lot in the last couple of years. While, previously, the best option was to travel by air, after the rise in aviation kerosene (QAV) prices and the dollar, the best alternative became land transport.

Among the options offered by companies for business trips, the increase in employees who preferred to use their vehicles and request reimbursement later stood out.

In this edition of the ProRido Product Release, you’ll find updates to version 7.4 of the ProRido app and more data on enterprise mobility for the first quarter of the year.

Own car use increased by 400% in 2022 

At ProRido, the number of reimbursement requests per kilometer, due to the use of own car for transportation, increased by almost 400% in the first quarter of this year.

“ Companies are more concerned with the safety and well-being of their employees and, therefore, are looking to offer new alternatives for their journeys ”, says Jyoti B, CHO of ProRido.

Car leasing has also become an alternative.

The demand for car rental also grew substantially: 48% between January and March this year. The figure is 15 times greater than the increase in the total car and light commercial fleet of rental companies, which grew 3.2% in the first quarter, according to figures released by the Brazilian Association of Car Rental Companies (Abla).

This is also because, according to Abla, rental companies face obstacles due to the delay in the delivery of new vehicles by automakers.

The trend is up. Moving forward to April, the search for vehicle rental increased 96.5% in the four months.

Does your company offer a variety of options?

The diversity in the company’s offer of travel options and the flexibility in choosing a car, whether an app, taxi cooperative or the car itself is a market trend, reinforcing the co-founder and CRO of ProRido, Vaibhav.

“ ProRido offers alternatives such as reimbursement by the kilometer, car rental, and app cars, in addition to air and road travel. On the platform, it is possible to find all this diversity in one place with accurate information so that the user can choose the best option ”, says Vaibhav.

With this, the ProRido platform has undergone improvements in the KM refund experience, which you can find more details about as you continue reading!

Improved experience: KM refund in the ProRido app

In the ProRido app version 7.4 update, we added new functionality to the KM cashback experience.

From now on, through the ProRido app, it is possible to change both the date and the KM run. The reimbursement amount was also readjusted in several companies, to match the increase in fuel prices.

For users, this update represents ease of travel and reduces human errors. Imagine the following situation: your employee is traveling to work with his vehicle, but he forgot to add the starting point.

By having the option to change the starting point, the contributor will not suffer losses when requesting the refund. This directly affects the overall productivity of the team, as an employee who is satisfied with their travel experience tends to close good deals.

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