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About Us

Our Story

ProRido is a corporate chauffeur-driven car rental service provider in Bangalore & across PAN-India with revolutionary technology platform. We are revolutionizing the car rental space through complete transparency, real-time tracking, best-in-class safety & security standards. Our focus is towards providing comfortable, clean & professional service using multi-dimensional integrated application, continuous improvement (CI) & paperless approach. Our multi-dimensional integrated app/portal (driver, employee, transport supervisor & fleet-in-charge) provides 100% transparency & cutting-edge safety & security standards ensuring on-time service, reliability & integrity.

Our Team

Two key pillars of ProRido are Mr. Sivaramakrishnan KV & Mr. Jasbir Dhanoa. Sivaramakrishnan has more than 20 years of experience & was among the pioneer member of Savaari Car Rentals. He is an Ex. VP, Corporate & Channel Sales, . Mr. Jasbir Dhanoa has more than 25 years of experience in Car Rental Management.


ProRido provides car rental service for corporate, luxury, outstation booking using the brand new cars, latest equipment and technology to facilitate the travel of individual employees, management or leadership team across India. Our fleet offering includes mostly with cabs / taxi of 3 years or less of age. The fleet size is expected to expand in near future to accommodate more options in given class of cars / taxi / cabs which are company and/or partner owned.

Our Offerings

The company has drivers, employees and contractors that are helpful, courteous, and fully trained on the use of the computer aided & manual dispatch system. As an added safety measure for both drivers and passengers, cabs are fitted with technologically advanced devices mentioned below. ProRido provides the following offerings:
a. Global Positioning Systems (GPS), which enable the cabs to be remotely tracked or located in an emergency.
b. Remote Immobilizer (RI) which will temporarily freeze the car engine in case unexpected activity is reported to stop further vehicle movement.
c. Geo-Fencing (GF) to ensure the vehicle movement happen within the given city or specific areas only as required.
d. SOS Panic Buttons for women employee safety & Graphic Signage's like Driver Identity, Emergency Contact, Rash Driving, No smoking, wear your seat belt & avoid food during travel for health reasons etc.
e. Ensure cleanliness, well maintenance, and are inspected regularly for safety and comfort of all its passengers.
f. Mandatory Background verification process for all drivers wherein identity, address & reference verification is done by default with criminal & experience checks on client request.

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